Thursday, December 2, 2010

Post for WildforWags

A Blog I LOVE, "WildforWags" has a contest for viewers every week where we get to "show our shops". This week I decided to show mine, so here's the break down!

I only did one transaction, which I love! I hate having to do multiple transactions, because I know the cashier gets annoyed and any people behind me are too, especially around the holidays when it's busier!

This was Wednesday Dec. 1st, so I used the Friends & Family 15% Discount Coupon, so prices are after the discount!

Bic Mulitpurpose Lighter $2.54-$1.00 WQ-$1.50 MQ
SalonPas $5.09-$1.00 MQ (Received with sample a while back)
(2) Truvia 40 ct. $1.69ea.- (2) $1.00 MQ
(2) Ducolax 4.1oz $5.94ea.-(2) $8.00 (adjusted down to $5.94) MQ-$4WQ
Natrol Melatonin $2.55-$2.00 MQ
(2) Votive Candles $0.42 ea. - $0.56 WQ (probably didn't need as filler because of the Wet n' Wild items, but didn't think of that until after I left!)
Pampers Cruisers $6.79-$2 MQ Catalina
(4) Wet N' Wild Mascaras $1.27 ea., although 1 rang up at $0.84
(4) Wet n' Wild Nail Polishes $0.42 ea.
(2) Wet N' Wild Eye Shadows $0.84ea.
(1) Wet N' Wild Blush $0.84
-$5/$10 Wet N' Wild MQ
Local Newspaper $0.42 (Not Pictured)
-$3/$15+ WQ Catalina
-$4.00 RR
-$2.50 RR
=$1.90 OOP
& Got back $10 in RR for SalonPas, Natrol, and Pampers.

I had a $2 RR I could have used if I went and got another small filler item, which would have made the total under $1, but I had 3 people waiting behind me, so I just left it as is!

I still feel like it was a great deal, since I'll use the diapers, mascara, the newspaper, the Truvia, the lighter and maybe the salonpas. I've got to find a place to donate the Ducolax to...I have a ton and never use it! And the fingernail polishes will be Christmas gifts!

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